A Welcome Breath


Have I mentioned I'm glad you're here? This space feels like a breath of fresh air-- like a long awaited spring. It feels leisurely-- like a stroll along the beach or a long conversation with an old friend. I feel like I'm getting back to the basics with this space, of what blogging should be. Writings, journals, documents of life. Things that really matter.

I want this space to be filled with intention. It's a word that is used a lot, but one that I want to define my life. I lost the true meaning of intention for awhile, and felt that coincide with my lessened passion for blogging. It's always been my goal to be honest, and for my blog posts to feel like you've spent an afternoon with a good friend.

This space will be a little bit of everything:

A little bit of travel to keep life adventurous.

A bit of style to give me fresh inspiration.

Documents on my health journey.

Lessons in newly wedded life.

Some grace to keep me walking in step with the Lord.  

And of course, life. Because life should be shared, and maybe what I share will be exactly what you need to hear. What you need to feel a little less alone. What we all need in order to realize that this world is so much bigger than us.

Welcome. Let's walk together.       

When You Forget

When You Forget