On Style Profiles & Appropriate Work Attire

I've been stuck in a fashion rut lately. I feel like none of my clothes fit me well anymore, and I'm finding myself wearing the same things over and over. In efforts to help combat this, I created a completely revised and updated Style Profile for myself on Pinterest. I considered doing the Capsule Wardrobe, but honestly I don't think my wardrobe even has 30 items that I love to wear -- let alone 30 items for each season. 

Taking from the Capsule Wardrobe a bit, I decided the best course of action for me is to pair down my closet and begin to pull aside the items I love as I wear them. Then assess what I need and go from there. I've already done a little shopping on Thread Up to refresh my stash of work clothes. I've begun to pull inspiration into my Style Profile and am already feeling a little more able to tackle getting dressed each morning. One of my goals for 2016 (more on this later!) is to set out my upcoming weeks outfits each Sunday evening. I did that for myself this week and it has made my mornings even more streamlined and taken the headache out of trying to pick out something to wear. After I'm completely ready, I take a quick selfie so I can remember the outfit and recreated it at a later date. 

Right now, my wardrobe is about 60% professional attire and 40% weekend/casual wear. In my quest for inspiration on Pinterest, I was finding so many of the work outfits either too fancy (while I do have the luxury to wear heels to work, I'm not sporting those 6-inch heels everyday noooo thank you), too casual, to tight, or just uncomfortable looking. My ideal work attrie would be comfortable (I do sit at a desk after all), professional, and classy. It was hard to strike a balance between all of those in my "research". This outfit I feel, strikes a good balance. Neutral sweater, black skirt, gray tights, black booties, and a chunky necklace. Nothing too tight or revealing. Comfortable for moving around or sitting down. It really could not get easier. 

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