An In-between House Tour (not a Before/after tour)

I'm not going to lie... I struggle with comparing our house to every other blogger's gorgeous homes on Pinterest. Who doesn't though?

It's utterly ridiculous. We've been moved in for just over a month -- yes, we still have boxes to unpack. Yes, we still WANT to repaint the bedroom (notice I didn't have HAVE to). When we were in the process of unpacking, I just threw everything into cupboards and closets -- so those need to be organized. I'm putting these ridiculous expectations on myself to have everything "perfect" -- forgetting that there's this thing called life in between. Not to mention that we're on a budget... There are many things I WANT to do, but nothing I HAVE to do. I've heard it before, but my friend (who just recently bought their first home too) reminded me that you have 30 years to do all those "things". The reality is, we are incredibly blessed. We hear story after story of couples who have had terrible home buying experiences or who bought their first home with horrible carpet, or a flooded basement, or a disgusting bathroom and somehow we bypassed all of that. I never want to forget or take for granted how truly lucky we are.  

So here's an in-between tour because we're in-between life. We live here and we make messes and it's not perfect all the time. Progress will be made and things will change. The after photos will some day be the before photos and so on. These are just a few snaps of our main floor living space. 

Rachel's Maternity Session

Life Lately