Essential Oils: My Favorite oil + My updated Experience

Once upon a time I wrote a post about my experience with essential oils. I've now been using essential oils for about two years and am continuing to learn how to work essential oils into my everyday routine. 

I think with something as "trendy" as essential oils are right now, it's natural for someone to be skeptical of their benefits or have a hard time understanding what they are even used for. I don't by any means claim to be an "all natural, organic, healthy hippie mama." We eat ice cream daily, I don't work out as much as I should, I let my stress get the better of me, and I buy vegetables in a can. But, essential oils have helped me move toward more natural solutions for my everyday routines. I have used essential oils as a means to enhance my health and grow one step closer to a cleaner lifestyle. 

Hands down, my favorite oil is Peppermint. It's one that I consistently use daily. It's a strong scented oil -- I love the fresh, cool, and pure mint aroma. In my experience, anytime you are using Peppermint topically on your body you want to dilute (or mix) it with a drop or two of coconut oil. Because it's such a strong oil -- if you were to put Peppermint directly on your skin, it has a tendency to feel like it's "burning" your skin. The coconut oil helps to remedy that. 

Here are my top favorite uses for Peppermint, all of which I've found relief from:

  • Mix in a spray bottle with water for a workout cool down, spray on the back of your neck.
  • Dilute and rub on temples, behind ears, and nape of neck to help relieve a headache. (*this is my favorite one)
  • Inhale from the bottle to help curb mid-morning hunger. 
  • Rub a diluted drop or two on your throat to relieve nausea.
  • Dilute a drop or two on your abdomen to aid digestion and relieve a stomach ache.

I am currently using Young Living oils but have also used this brand. I was curious to see the difference between the two as Eden's Garden proves to be a more affordable option. I've been using YL for about 3 weeks -- and I can already tell that YL oils are much "stronger" -- for example I only need one or two drops of YL where I would need 4-5 of Eden's  Garden. If you want to hear more about the comparison, let me know and I'd be happy to write a follow up post! If you want to know more about Young Living, feel free to contact me!

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