Flower House

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Flower House. Florists from Michigan & across the country filled the walls and ceilings of an abandoned house in Detroit with fresh flowers for a weekend installation. After the installation weekend, the house will be responsibly deconstructed and its materials repurposed. The land will then be converted into a flower farm and design center. I though it was such an amazing idea -- to actually make use of a falling down, depilated home in Detroit instead of letting yet another home go to waste.

Every inch of the space was incredible. As I was wandering through the old house, I kept imagining the people who used to live there and the history the house must hold. As the same time, I couldn't help but admire the craftsmanship and beauty of each flower intricately woven together to create an extensive masterpiece. The creativity, ingenuity, and talent of people blow me away. It was also fun to see the work of familiar friends like BLOOM Floral Design.

My photos really don't do it justice, please head over to their website to see more!       

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