On Investing Over Intentionality

Intentionality. I have a love / hate relationship with that word.

Intentionality is a word that I find being used often in the blogging community whether referring to developing a brand, the way business is done, the way blog posts are written. It's used in the Christian community too. For relationships, for prayer, as a way of living. 

I love the word, I do. It's a word that is close and personal in my life. A word that I would use to describe this blog, or to describe how I desire to live. But lately, I feel as if it's losing its meaning from overuse.

I've been thinking a lot about my purpose, about my joy. About what God is asking of me-- right here, right now. And I feel that instead of intentionality, God is asking me to invest. To start making that word 'invest' at the forefront of my mind and focal point of my heart. 

To invest in my marriage, in marriage itself.

To invest in friendships, new and old.

To invest in business endeavors.

To invest in prayer, deep prayers.

To invest in creativity. 

To invest in the things that don't come easy.

To invest in my health.

To invest in my mind.

To invest in my strengths, my spiritual gifts.

To invest my time, even when I don't want to.

To invest in service, to love people well. 

To invest in feeling. 

To deeply feel and deeply love. To not just walk through the motions of the day but to invest in what I have right now. Where I am right now. And where I'm going. He's revealing to me the way, but he's asking me-- Will you invest? Will you invest your precious, precious time to be the woman I'm asking you to be? Will you invest in the unknown, for the ultimate reward? Will you invest in my Gospel? 

Yes, Lord. Yes, I will.    

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