Welcome to Edgewood Place!

Welcome to Edgewood Place!

Hey there, welcome to Edgewood Place Occasions! My name is Margaret & I'm so glad you're here. Maybe you've stumbled here by chance, or maybe you know me personally -- either way, I'm so happy to have you. Let me start by telling you a little more about how Edgewood Place came about...


Ever since I can remember, I've always had a love for hospitality & the creative arts. Whether that was making my room cozy & inviting for sleepovers, baking cookies for my family, or leaving letters in my neighbor's mailbox -- I always liked to add something special. Today, it's no different. I love to take care of people in tangible & comfortable ways, I love making people feel welcome & included.

When I think back, my love for hospitality definitely began with my mom. She would always include a personal & simple touch whenever we had guests over. She would write love notes on the bathroom mirror for us to discover as we got ready for school. She would leave magazines or trinkets on my bed when I arrived home from college. Nothing was overly fancy (& that's 100% okay!) but it was always comfortable, cozy, & welcoming. As I look around my own home & life today, I see certain elements that I've adopted from her. Cozy pillows & blankets for guests to flop on, a basket in the guest room with all the essentials, a big pot of chili on the stove...

To me, this is what Edgewood Place is all about. It's about incorporating those legacy moments** (as I like to call them... see note below) into our life. It's about creating spaces & occasions in our life that are memorable, comfortable, inviting, simple, & beautiful. It's about the art of hospitality & incorporating celebrations into our lives to remember for years to come. It's about adding those special touches & extra memories. Life moves way too fast these days & savoring these moments are so important. And, there is almost always a reason to celebrate! 

Weddings & joyous occasions are the perfect space to adopt this philosophy. I'd love to help you tell the story of your love & your life through celebrations that we will all remember for years to come. I firmly believe in crafting a wedding that is intensely personal & unique to you as a couple, and one that your guests will leave feeling like family (okay, some of them are family but you get the idea!). From classy to quirky, simple to elaborate -- I want to experience it all with you.

**legacy moments = the small but significant moments in your life that you look back on fondly & want to adopt into your every day.


Here is our house on Edgewood, which continues to grow & evolve. Above you see a watercolor of Greece, reminding me of a glorious whirlwind month there. A few of our wedding & anniversary photos that are really special to me. Wedding photos of both our parents & grandparents. A framed note I gave my husband on our wedding day, and of course, our fur baby. I am resolving to fill this space with even more family photos, a constant reminder of our own personal legacy.

A little more about me personally... I grew up in Northern Michigan & still feel most at home when hiking the Lake Michigan shoreline. I currently live in Mid-Michigan with my husband of 3 years and our unruly puppy. You can usually find me reorganizing/redecorating my house, watching old movies, buying another candle, making another crockpot meal, or pouring another glass of wine. I'm striving to be on my phone less, to be present more, & to read more often. I've been a part of the wedding & event industry in various settings for the past 5 years & come alive when I get to help you design your wedding day. I am passionate about cultivating community, pursuing creativity, & continued growth both professionally and personally.

Tips for Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline

Tips for Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline